During this difficult time Reach Out & Read Illinois aims to support our pediatricians, families and children.

When children are cuddled and reading in the lap of loving caregiver, they feel secure. That is why pediatricians, authors, and community leaders are participating in #ReadTogetherIllinois.

Access resources from our partners, stories from our clinics and participate in positive initiatives.

Visit the Illinois Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics (ICAAP) for COVID-19 resources for clinics and families.

Translating Reach Out & Read to Telehealth


Reach Out & Read Illinois prepares low-income children for kindergarten by incorporating books into pediatric visits from six months to five years, connecting families to neighborhood resources and encouraging families to read together.

Reach Out and Read Illinois builds on the relationship between parents and healthcare providers. Books are an important part of early learning and brain development, and Reach Out & Read Illinois distributes early learning resources and over 142,00 books to families every year. Yet, this is only a fraction of those that need support.

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