reach out and read at the chicago public library! toolkit

In 2022, Reach Out and Read Illinois and the Chicago Public Library partnered up to develop the Reach Out and Read at the Chicago Public Library! pilot project. The Chicago Public Library (CPL) has a wealth of resources for families that often go underutilized, particularly by those that could most benefit from them. Barriers to library use include lack of information, mistrust, concerns about documentation status, and the belief that the library is not for children. Pediatricians are in a unique position to promote library use and decrease barriers because they have early and repeated interactions with families, starting at birth, and the opportunity to develop a relationship of trust. The overarching goal of this program was to increase families’ awareness and utilization of library programming by creating personal connections between local librarians and ROR-IL coordinators and providers throughout the city of Chicago.


Below find and download the Reach Out and Read at Chicago Public Library! Toolkit. The Toolkit shares background about the pilot, programming materials developed between Chicago Public Library and Reach Out and Read Illinois, and lessons learned.



"The Reach Out and Reach at the Chicago Public Library! partnership this year has made our clinic staff more excited about Reach Out and Read; we have been able to get more of them on board with making sure our patients get a book. It's been great to see them explain to families about the activity bags and how the books are the theme. We've really grown as a group and clinic by getting to participate in Reach Out and Read."
Stacy Laurent, DO
UIC Pediatric Primary Care

Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics &

Associate Program Director Pediatric Residency

Reach Out and Read Champion