From the Frontlines

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Reach Out & Read E-Books

Dogs, written by Dr. John Hutton and illustrated by Doug Cenko
Sherm the Germ, written by Dr. John Hutton and illustrated by Maria Montag
Sleepy Solar System,
written by Dr. John Hutton and illustrated by Doug Cenko

E-Books on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus: A Book for Children by Elizabeth Jenner, Kate Wilson and Nia Roberts
COVID-19 Helpers by Beth Bacon and Kary Lee
We’re Going to Be O.K. by Leigh-Ann Webb, Ebony Jade Hilton, and Ashleigh Corrin Webb
Together: Living Life During COVID-19 by Kevin Poplawski and Michael Rausch
My Hero is You by the Inter-Agency Standing Committee Reference Group


Dr. Mariana Glusman reads her book, I Love You Like Sunshine
Dr. Megan Muscia reading Pajama Time by Sandra Boynton
Dr. Preethi Raghupatruni reads We Are Growing!

4 thoughts on “From the Frontlines

  1. A short poem from pediatrician Preethi Raghupatruni, MD

    We wear this mask to protect you, something we have vowed to do
    We wear this mask to remind us that even with this virus, we will not stop caring for you
    Connections can be made in many ways, sometimes we need to get creative
    Now more than ever, all our ideas and senses working together, becoming integrated
    This mask will not stop us but help us to continue to our duty
    Its our shield of armor, whether seen by video chat or in person, it’s a beauty
    We wear our mask proudly, so we can keep connecting and seeing you,
    As we miss you all, more than we can express, and honestly there is nothing more true

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