Review Ten Important Things to Know About Participating in Reach Out & Read

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building a literacy-rich waiting room

One of the three components of the Reach Out and Read model is maintaing a literacy-rich environment in your practice’s waiting rooms. The above bulletin boards were created by Ronna Jacobson, longtime Reach Out & Read IL Site Coordinator and pioneer of one of Chicagoland’s first Reach Out and Read programs! These bulletins cover topics like reading at bedtime, favorite children’s book titles of the providers at the clinic, literacy development, and more. You are welcome to use these boards as inspiration. 

staff roles & responsibilites

While the goal is to have all pediatric staff and providers involved in the development and support of the Reach Out and Read program at their site, the Site Coordinator and Medical Consultant play unique roles in championing ROR. Refer to the manuals below for each position.

site coordinator

medical consultant